Climate Jobs and Just Transition training

In January we are organising a training for around 20 activists and trade-unionists from different countries around Climate Jobs and Just Transition.

Climate Jobs campaigns provide an articulation between trade unions and climate justice movements, addressing the same problem from different perspectives to create a strong social alliance. We intend to create a space of training offline that culminates with a conference about the short-term challenges for this strategical tool. 

The Global Climate Jobs campaign is an articulation between a dozen national climate jobs campaigns that proposes a political plan of looking at the need to dismantle fossil  fuel capitalism through the prism of social justice and employment, through an alliance between  trade unions and climate justice activists. The energy transition, the transport transition, soil,  agriculture, forestry, construction, all will require the creation of an enormous amount of jobs and  public investment. Cutting emissions and adapting territories to a new climate will be the biggest  challenge in humanity’s future. We intend to promote this space, expand and articulate it with new  actors and campaigns, namely the Glasgow Agreement, an initiative that proposes an agreement  inside the climate justice movement to create its own plan of global decarbonisation through Climate Agendas from below. 

Our training will revolve around Climate Justice, Just Transition, Theories of Change and Obstacles (technical and political) to transition. We will try to link up climate jobs campaigns and promote the creation of new campaigns, as well as try to expand the space of articulation for climate jobs campaigns and trade unions interested in deepening work on Just Transition and Ecosocialism. 

The program for the two days training is as follows:

Monday, January 17th

10h00-12h30 Introduction and Spectrum of allies in different contexts (by country)

14h00-16h00 Climate Justice and Just Transition

17h00-18h30 Theories of Change

Tuesday, January 18th

10h00-12h30 Global Climate Jobs and Climate Jobs Campaigns

14h00-16h00 Obstacles to Transition and Obstacles to building campaigns

17h00-18h30 How to create a new campaign and how to move on together

On Wednesday, the 19th we will have an international conference called “What Transition do we Want? Just Transition and Climate Justice”

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