Global Climate Jobs 2022 Conference wrap-up

Last weekend we hosted the Global Climate Jobs Online Conference! Thanks to everyone that joined and helped make this conference happen! If you could not participate you can now watch the recordings from the speakers from all the 9 sessions online here:

We were very pleased to have brought together such an amazing, diverse and international group of activists, scholars, community organizers and more, to talk about the role of Climate Jobs Programs and Campaigns in building a stronger movement, capable of stopping climate collapse; dwell into the challenges and opportunities in doing so; and discuss the strategies for building a stronger climate justice movement supported by powerful Climate Jobs campaigns. For those who were not at the Next Steps Session but are interested in the campaign and want to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us. The report of the conference can be acessed at the end of the page.

The conference closed with a session on Next Steps for the Global Network of Climate Jobs, and we have some exciting new to share with you. We want to support the creation of new campaigns,  strengthen the existing campaigns, and enhance coordination among the global network. To do so, we propose to:

  1. Set up workshops on Climate Jobs and Just Transition in collaboration with climate, labour and other activists, in different parts of the world. These workshops will aim to empower and provide tools for building and strenthening local, regional or national struggles for Just Transitions and Climate Jobs. These would have as target participants activits, union members, workers, community members and organizers. The idea is that these will be a space (1) to explore the concept of Just Transition and its historical framework; (2) to dwell on the differences between real just transitions, and the transformations labeled as “just transitions” that are currently taking place; (3) to explore the technical, political, and social challenges, in each context, of implementing a Just Transition and the solutions to these challenges: (4) to strategize and organize.
  1. Provide support for writting national and regional reports on Climate Jobs.
  1. Organize at the end of 2023 the next Global Climate Jobs Conference.

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