#klimajobber – update on climate jobs in Norway

Bergen-klima-1-1.-mai-besteforeldrene-300x169Andreas Ytterstad writes: The demand for 100 000 climate jobs is a demand that is slowly, but surely, becoming central to the broad Norwegian Climate movement. The Climate Election Alliance, which consists of 58 Civil Society Organizations in Norway, recently adopted “Create a Just Transition – 100 000 climate jobs now” as one of its demands http://www.klimavalgalliansen.no/?page_id=36.

The Norwegian Children and Youth Council (info in English here) made a resolution in the fall of 2015 which bares witness to the key thoughts behind the demand for 100 000 climate jobs: “Norway has a historical, economic and moral responsibility to lead the transition from fossil to renewable energy and for broad investments in climate jobs in all parts of the development of industry.” http://www.lnu.no/politikk/resolusjoner/barne-og-ungdomstinget-2015/

It is the alliance and conference called Bridge to the Future, which more than anybody else has contributed to an understanding that “In order to have a renewable Norway we need popular mobilization without parallel. The fight for climate jobs and green workplaces is the bridge. A bridge between the immediate needs most people have, for good, safe jobs – and the needs all living things have to reduce emission of greenhouse gases.” (Ytterstad 2013).  The May Day parades in Norway has had the demand for 100 000 climate jobs as one of the official demands, particularly in Oslo, for the last couple of years.


The Bridge to the future Conference has grown every year, from 350 in 2014 to almost 600 in 2016. Before the 2015 Conference, 10 000 people signed a petition demanding “Put a brake on Norwegian Oil – 100 000 climate jobs now”. At the 2016 Conference, representatives from the trade unions, the Norwegian Church and the environmental unions handed over common demands to the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg. The three key demands were for climate justice and 100 000 climate jobs, and no oil drilling in the Arctic. (press release from the Norwegian Church here: https://kirken.no/nb-NO/om-kirken/aktuelt/erna-solberg-mottar-klimakrav/.)

The same three demands are also highlighted in a series of demonstrations planned up until the next General Election in Norway in September 2017, called “Turning Point.” This initiative is also supported by unions, peasant associations and faith societies, including the Islamic Council of Norway.

So the demand for climate jobs is going to be voiced several times over the next year.

Check out the website for Bridge to the future here Broentilframtiden.com.

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