Global Climate Jobs Conference: Call for Suggested Panels and Speakers

The Global Climate Jobs Network are organising an online international conference Friday June 3 to Sunday June 5, 2022. This will be online to make it easy for organisations to participate from all over the world.

Our network will be coordinating the conference. But we want organisations to propose and present your own sessions. We are looking for sessions not just from national unions, big organisations and international networks, but also from local union branches in many countries, from environmental and community campaigns, Fridays for the Future groups, student unions, social movements, feminist and LGBT groups, faith groups, farmers groups, green new deal campaigns, and from groups of scientists and engineers.

We especially want sessions from the global South and from local union branches.

The theme of the conference is Climate Jobs and Green New Deals. But we are open to sessions on related topics, like union struggles and environmental struggles. If you are not sure if your topic would fit, write us and ask.

We also want art, music, film, and anything that makes it more like a festival.

We do not have the money for translation. But you can propose sessions in any language – this is the internet, after all. And you can propose two sessions, one in language and one in another.

We will timetable all the sessions, and try to arrange them so you can follow different themes.

You can propose a complete session for your own organisation. Or you can put forward one speaker, and we will link them up with speakers from other organisations.

Sessions will last 75 minutes. We suggest no more than three speakers, and at least half of the time is taken up by contributions from the audience and in breakout groups. If you have three speakers, please have at least one be a woman. If you cannot find an appropriate woman speaker, please write to us and we will try to put you in touch with someone.

To propose a session or a speaker, to ask a question or talk to one of the organising committee, please write to .

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