Global Union Climate Conference

The International Trade Union Congress (ITUC) are hosting an international climate summit for 200 trade unionists from all over the world in Paris on the 14th and 15th of September. The climate jobs campaigns in several countries will be part of the conference, and we urge any trade unionists interested in the idea of climate jobs to come. 

The details of the call from the ITUC are:

Trade Union Climate Summit – will you be there?

Paris, 14 – 15 September 2015

Is this you ? Climate change is your concern and a just transition to a zero carbon economy is a struggle you are passionate about. Your union has taken a commitment to support climate action and you have plans or ideas for union actions in the fight to decarbonise our world.

Send your nomination to with the following information: Name Union Country Support of your union – Indicate your leadership supports this nomination.

There will be some support for a small number of delegates but the support of your union would be necessary.

The climate jobs campaigns will also be having a get together all day on Sunday 13 September in Paris to compare our experiences in building different campaigns.

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