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After Paris: Unify the fights against austerity and climate change

Asbjørn Wahl writes: The Climate Summit in Paris has once again reminded us of how vulnerable we are on planet Earth. However, humanity is faced with a number of deep and challenging crises: economic, social, political, over food – and, of course, over climate change, which is threatening the very existence of millions of people. These […]

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After Paris – A Global Movement for Climate Jobs

This post looks at the results of the Paris climate talks, and says what the climate movement and the social movements need to do next, how climate jobs fit into that, and what you can do to help build a campaign for climate jobs in your country.

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Paris: World Agrees to Increase Emissions

The circus is over. The suits are leaving Paris. There have been millions of words written about the text. But one fact stands out. All the governments of the world have agreed to increase global greenhouse gas emissions every year between now and 2030. [1] Why? Because all the countries have agreed to accept the […]

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