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Jobs in Scotland’s New Economy

Mika Minio Paluello has written a very useful and detailed report for the Scottish Green Party. It begins: The North Sea oil industry says jobs are threatened by falling oil prices. But a better future for Scotland is possible. More and better jobs. A safer and more stable economy. Stronger communities. A long-term future as […]

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Floods: instant tiny climate action

There are floods all around.  The TV won’t mention climate change. Here is one thing you can do. We are visiting family living  in the country just outside St. Louis, Missouri, in the US. Eureka, the small town at the bottom of our hill, is under water. Pacific, five miles away to the west, is under […]

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Floods, climate change and job cuts

Martin Empson, treasurer of the Campaign against Climate Change trade union group, reports from the UK. In 2015 Britain has seen repeated flooding causing large-scale damage. Tens of thousands of people have had to evacuate their homes, suffered days without power and seen their homes and businesses destroyed as storms repeatedly hit the country. In the […]

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