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#klimajobber – update on climate jobs in Norway

Andreas Ytterstad writes: The demand for 100 000 climate jobs is a demand that is slowly, but surely, becoming central to the broad Norwegian Climate movement. The Climate Election Alliance, which consists of 58 Civil Society Organizations in Norway, recently adopted “Create a Just Transition – 100 000 climate jobs now” as one of its demands […]

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May Day in Oslo

Here is the Norwegian campaign Bridge to the Future marching for 100,000 climate jobs (Klimajobber) as part of the May Day march in Oslo yesterday.  And here is video they did for the march, in Norwegian and English:  

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Video: Som helt fersk klimakunnskapsminister / A rookie climate change minister

[facebook url=”” /] Youth organisations in Norway have made a campaign video for Climate Jobs. A new Fictional Climate and Knowledge Minister has been put to the task of creating 100,000 Climate Jobs. (It’s still fun to watch if you don’t speak Norwegian.) Se første episode av serien om meg! Som helt fersk klimakunnskapsminister er […]

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